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We're all aware of the current economic climate and it will be used as an excuse not to fund exciting new work by new companies, meanwhile the tired old farts of british theatre will simply carry on with their business as usual attitude.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it will be to help promote our work as best you can, and to help us produce the plays we wish to bring to the public.  If you're passionate about new and interesting work, then please keep in touch.

We shall let others carry on their backward fixations on race, colour and creed, whilst we focus soley on the work and its value vis a vis others.

Don't be fooled by the current crop of "swamis" and "gurus" of British Theatre.  They have fed themselves fat from being fixed term funding clients of the Arts Council and many have created their own theatre "fiefdoms".  They are a poison in theatre.

 If you wish to support Conspirators' Kitchen then please stay in touch!

Our address is:

Conspirators' Kitchen Theatre

10 Elthorne Road


London N19 4AG